Affordable and fully managed

Odarix Cloud Storage
for Prometheus

  • 0.89 USD per 1k metrics
  • 100% Prometheus compatible
  • Guaranteed SLA of 99.5%
  • 24/7 technical support

Store your metrics for years

  • No downsampling
    We keep your data without downsampling so you can analyze how your business performs
  • Scalability
    Benefit from an extended period of your own stats to plan the infrastructure's scale in the peak season

Bring all metrics to one place

  • All-to-one
    Collect your metrics from all Kubernetes clusters and Prometheus installations
  • Convenience
    Query all your data to analyze, troubleshoot and make decisions in a convenient and efficient way
  • Security
    Set up granular access to your data keeping it secure
  • Statistics
    View usage statistics by metric data source
Focus on what matters to you most

Follow your business goals
while we provide you with

  • SLA 99.5%
    High availability guaranteed by SLA
  • Scalability
    Store billions of metrics
  • Retention
    5-year retention period
  • Tech support
    Our specialists are available 24/7

"If you’ve been ever challenged with setting up a fault-tolerant Prometheus for long-term metrics storage, you might know this is a task that requires a lot of time, specific knowledge, and computing resources. Having these low-level issues sorted out, you can focus on more important things that will allow your business to grow. Make your monitoring platform robust and cost-efficient with our cloud storage."

David Magton
Palark CEO
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Two installation options

Prometheus remote write

You have your own Prometheus already. You want to store metrics for a longer period without any changes in your infrastructure.

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Odarix agent

You don’t have your own Prometheus installation yet or you are looking for a lightweight replacement for it.

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  • Easy start and free trial
    Give Odarix a try in just 5 minutes. No changes in your infrastructure required. 14‑day free trial period.
  • Compatible with any cloud and any Kubernetes
    You can easily connect our service to any infrastructure no matter how and where it is deployed.
  • Your infrastructure moves, but metrics remain
    While you can freely migrate between data centers and clouds, your metrics will always remain in the same place.

Leverage built-in technologies you got used to

Affordable solution




  • 10000 active series

  • 1 month data retention

  • Community support

  • Alerting

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Pay-as-you-go Recommended


/ month per 1000 series

  • Unlimited active series

  • 13 months data retention

  • Support 8x5

  • Alerting

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On request

  • Unlimited active series

  • Custom Retention

  • Support 24x7x365

  • Technical account manager

  • Alerting

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Community Pay-as-you-go Enterprise
Price Free 0.89 / month per 1000 series On request
Collaboration and usage
Multi-tenant (multi-project) query
Per tenant (per project) usage statistics
Security and governance
Administration UI
Manage users and permissions
Query caching
Role-based access control
Availability and scalability
Customizable long-term retention
SLA 99.5% 99.5% 99.5%
Availability and scalability
Support Community only 8x5 24x7
Support channels
E-mail, Live-chat E-mail, Live-chat, Slack, Phone
Dedicated technical account manager
Community support



On request

  • Multi-year data retention

  • Technical account manager

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